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Post Knowshon handles underage drunk

Wednesday February 24, 2010

That’s not a headline you’re likely to see in most papers, but I get the feeling that it could pretty much tell the story of an incident involving Knowshon Moreno and an intoxicated 18-year-old at an Athens bar over the weekend. The 18-year-old, who was so drunk that he had to have friends fill in the details of the incident the next day, claims that three men “jumped him.” Unprovoked and out of the blue, I’m sure. According to the Banner-Herald, “Moreno said that he was struck first,” and Moreno spoke with police on Tuesday about the incident.

Knowshon might well be at fault here and had nothing better to do on a Saturday night back in Athens then to punch out a random merrymaker. He did enjoy the nightlife during his days in Athens though there were never any incidents. Then again most anyone who’s been out and about in downtown Athens knows that there is no shortage of overserved heroes who get up the courage to prove their invincibility against a football player. Better still if the player is drawing an NFL paycheck. That’s why players are often discouraged from places like that – trouble has its way of finding you whether or not you’re looking for it.

I’m sure the owners of the bar are thrilled that a fight at their place involving a drunk 18-year-old is sure to get plenty of media and police attention.

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  • i saw it happen… it was unprovoked. he just knocked him out cold

  • Agreed. The most intriguiing part of this article involves how Bourbon Street will answer the inevitable & justified question: “what the hell was an 18 yr old drunk kid doing at your bar?”

    Kinda shocked at some of the comments on the article blaming Knowshon. Idiots.

  • You can’t swing a dead cat at Bourbon Street without hitting a drunk 18 year old. It is widely known as one of the two downtown locales that will accept any “ID’, including those made with construction paper and crayons. If you are over 20, you don’t go to Bourbon Street unless you want to meet a drunk 18 year old.

  • We can say what we want but in my 4 years partying at UGA from 2001-2004, I would say the majority of incidents involving UGA players (reported and non-reported) were ones that actually STARTED with the football players causing the issues

    Flannigans during the early Richt years were a hotbed for football players starting fights.

    2-3 certain OL during the 2003 season would go downtown to Boar’s Head and start fights. Anyone remember that huge blood spot outside Boar’s head for a few months? Yea, that was a football OL decking a kid for no reason. I was there when it happened (didn’t know the kid though)

  • C – no shit. However, it’s now in print. To sugest that Bourbon Street won’t have to finally answer some questions ab their irresponsible, neglible behavior in continually serving minors is ludicrous.

  • […] which his friends helped fill in for him, no one’s certain what really happened. But I like Dawgs Online’s take on it, which is that the headline could have been “Knowshon handles underage […]

  • Dan I was at UGA the same exact times. I rember running into many football players at Flanigans. I don’t rember the Boar’s Head events. For the most part, the players were just trying to be college kids for a little while. I never saw them trying to cause trouble. That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, but they were just normal college kids for as far as I could see. Of course there is no shortage of randoms downtown trying to cause trouble.

    Is Bourbon Street still where the underage kids go? My god it’s been like that for a long time. What’s funny is it’s right across from the police station.