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Post Slive says it best – hands off, Congress

Wednesday May 27, 2009

SEC commissioner Mike Slive has lobbied for a college football playoff, but even playoff advocates don’t want the government anywhere near the issue.

“The last time I looked, we were in a recession, fighting a war in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Slive said. “We’ve got a health care program that desperately needs help and I would hope that the Congress will make sure that they work on these problems and let us take care of collegiate athletics.”

One Response to 'Slive says it best – hands off, Congress'

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  • He can try and do his best but the fact is EVERYONE wants its changed except for the select few morons who either started it or have benefited from it.

    If Congress wants to get involved, I am all for it

    Better than the crap we have now

    I expect most don’t want Congress to get involved moreso because of the party in power rather than the reason for getting involved