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Post Quite possibly the worst line I have ever heard

Tuesday January 6, 2009

And I say that as someone who watches a good bit of local high school ball on CSS.

Sportscasters have been making up words for years. There is a website dedicated to awful announcing. How many times have you heard “defensed” instead of “defended” or “get untracked” instead of “get on track?” This is football, not English class, right?

One of the FOX crew, Matt Vasgersian I believe, went into new territory last night. While pointing out the statistical advantage Ohio State had at one point in both yardage gained and time-of-possession, we were told that the Buckeyes had “out-yardaged” and “out-time-of-possessioned” the Longhorns. I almost expected to be told at the end of the game that Texas had out-touchdowned Ohio State.

I wonder if he was the same guy who later was unsure whether Ohio State would go for two after a touchdown closed the Texas lead to 17-15.

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  • The color commentator (Tim Ryan?), before the off-setting pass interference penalties call on the OSU 2-point attempt: “I think that is actually going to be an O… PI. Offensive pass interference.”

    You know… as opposed to the more usual “DPI”.

    Thanks, Tim.

  • LOL, I remember thinking that sounded ridiculous when I heard it. I also like the Bud Lite advertisement in the middle of the freakin’ game!!