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Post So what was Munson’s final great call?

Monday September 22, 2008

There are no shortage of Munson highlights from over the years, but now that the sun has set on his career in the broadcast booth, was this 2006 call his last signature moment?

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  • yes, the last of what was a great career of GREAT GREAT calls and devotion to the bulldog nation.

  • I remember the hiring of Vince Dooley while in Reed Hall. I remember the hiring of Munson and those great calls. We were blessed. Will there be another voice like this again in UGA sports? I am glad to have been a UGA Dawg during these years when Munson made the calls…everything about UGA is great, but Munson seemed to see and to speak for all of us about our beloved UGA and DAWGS. He made it better than great! Will there be another for future Dawgs … in their life time I hope so…the blessings from such a man should live on in others who pick up his mantle. Give Larry the best seat in Sanford Stadium forever…he deserves it! Munson…GOD”S gift to UGA and us! There is no last call. How many times have we imitated him and play him over in our heats and minds. Thanks Larry!!!