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Monday June 23, 2008

Yes, it is Dawg vs. Dog. The College World Series has gone to the dogs.

With that out of the way, we now know that it’s Georgia vs. Fresno State for all the marbles at the College World Series. Fresno State has definitely had a tremendous run, and the fact that they were a #4 seed in the regional makes the “underdog” label applicable.

You’ll hear no end to the George Mason comparisons, but that’s hardly fair to a Fresno State squad very familiar with postseason play. The Bulldogs have won three straight WAC titles and are in their third straight NCAA Tournament (a claim even Georgia cannot make).

Let’s get it out of the way: Georgia looks to have everything on their side. They’ve had the better season against stronger competition. They are hitting well against good pitching. Their rotation is set up perfectly for the best-of-three series after copious amounts of rest over the past week. Our own Bulldogs are a great story in their own right. They have come off a losing season to play for the national title. For some, it’s a chance at redemption for a missed opportunity in 2006.

But Fresno has beaten some pretty big odds just to get to this point, and they probably won’t blink twice at Georgia’s advantages. Fresno State has solid, fundamental defense, timely hitting, and they have had some great pitching in Omaha, though it’s yet to be seen how much is left as they play their third game in as many days on Monday.

So, yes, the Bulldogs will win the national title. Will it be Fresno’s first or Georgia’s second national title? Monday’s first game will be critical, and Georgia has to feel pretty good handing the ball to Trevor Holder.

Here is the finals schedule:
Monday, June 23
Game 1 — Fresno State (45-30) vs. No. 8 Georgia (44-23-1), 7 p.m., (ESPN2/ESPN360)

Tuesday, June 24
Game 2 — No. 8 Georgia (44-23-1) vs. Fresno State (45-30), 7 p.m., (ESPN/ESPN360)

Wednesday, June 25
Game 3 — No. 8 Georgia (44-23-1) vs. Fresno State (45-30) (if nec.), 7 p.m., (ESPN/ESPN360)

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