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Post Gotta love the Worldwide Leader

Monday March 17, 2008

Kirk Herbstreit: You shouldn’t be part of the national title discussion unless you win your conference.

Bobby Knight: Automatic bids to conference champions keep better and more deserving teams out of the NCAA Tournament.

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  • […] UPDATE:  Groo has a succinct comment about the bastion of consistency that is ESPN. […]

  • GO Dawgs!
    Anyone know how to get a hold of one of those BLOWN shirts? Awesome idea…

  • Yeah, I heard Knight’s comment this morning and about snorted coffee through my nose. Up until then, I was enjoying his analysis. But I think the psychopathic side of Bobby Knight is just about to explode and I expect at any moment he’s going to take out a jack knife and slash Digger’s jugular. Now that’ll be an ESPN Instant Classic!

  • I think you’re right, Dirk. Knight has seemed awfully, well, medicated in his comments so far. I enjoyed watching he and Vitale go at it last night, and hopefully it won’t be long until we see a chair go flying across the studio.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I love to bash ESPN as much as the next guy, but this is apples and oranges. First, the BCS can only pick two teams to play for the title. Second, Georgia wasn’t the conference champ in either sport. Tennessee is the champ in basketball, UGA the tourney champ.

    But congrats to the Dawgs, they’ve earned it, and good luck in the tourney.

  • ESPN as a corporation doesn’t state an opinion. Commentators on ESPN express their opinion and there is no rule that the commentators all take the same position. Compare a newspaper such as the New York Times. The Times publishes both Frank Rich and David Brooks, although both rarely agree with each other.