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Post It has to be asked: is Herschel being had?

Wednesday January 23, 2008

The AJC reported several days ago that Herschel Walker is coming out with a book in which he details a secret struggle with multiple personality disorder.

Meanwhile, everyone from Frank Ros to Vince Dooley to Herschel’s own father has said that Walker’s revelation is news to them.

Like Dooley, I’m curious to see what the book has to say. While mental illness is very real and often goes untreated and under the radar of even our loved ones, there is no shortage of fraud and quackery in the business, especially when it comes to “repressed memories.” If Herschel really has dealt with this condition privately his whole life, coming forward in this very public way is truly a significant act. I just hope for his sake that someone isn’t out to make a name off of Herschel Walker.

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  • It could be that his doctor wants to use Herschel for personal gain, by it goes beyond that.

    The entire mental health industry, barely 100 years old, is out of control, from pop and behavioral psychology to schizophrenia. They have a diagnosis for everything, now.

    Herschel has been told that it will take a lifetime of treatment in order to deal with his problem. Herschel can afford it, so he’ll do what he has to do, right?

    Well that’s par for the course. The one thing all psychology patients have in common are regular and routine visits to the doctor’s office. And in most cases they are not there long enough to get much done before it’s time for the next patient. Which is OK, because there’s always next week (and another fee, of course).

    I find it interesting that, with rare exceptions (I have never met one), psychologists and psychiatrists never really cure anybody. Nobody ever gets well. But the mental health industry and it’s sister industry, the drug companies, get well and grow into wealthy, gargantuan giants.

    If Herschel has a problem, I suspect it is spiritual, not mental. Herschel has always been open spiritually, way before he got to Georgia, and he easily could have been vulnerable that way.

    But it sounds like he’s been convinced (or had). I hate to see it, and I pray that Herschel finds the Truth. After all, his doctor has already said he can’t get well. At least, not in this lifetime.