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Post Historic Living Room Stadium at La-Z-Boy Field

Friday November 16, 2007

Engadget HD reports today that nearly half of Americans would rather watch sports in HD than attend the games.

(In) a recent survey commissioned by Motorola, some 45-percent of Americans would prefer to watch collegiate / professional football games on an HDTV rather than attending — which certainly mirrors the conclusions drawn by a similar survey conducted earlier this year. Furthermore, only 32-percent of those questioned stated that they outright preferred live matches to those shown in HD, while the other segment was apparently indifferent.

Nothing beats the gameday experience for me, but even a fanatic like me can see the appeal of staying home. Football in HD is incredible. Ticket prices keep rising, parking is increasingly difficult to find and more expensive, and you’re out in the elements squeezed in next to God knows who. When you add up the cost of a Hartman Fund donation, tickets, travel, and tailgate expenses over a season, the price tag of a nice HDTV rig isn’t that unreasonable.

I don’t see myself missing any home games anytime soon, but the availability of HD sure did make skipping a road game or two a lot less painful this year.

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  • I guess I have a little diffrent perspective. I’m back in school now and because of my work load and a lab rotation that requires weekend work, I’ve missed nearly every UGA game this season. The one game I did get to attend, I had to rush home before kickoff because of a death in the family.
    I’ve been blessed in that I can watch them at home. But, I have to say I would’ve given my right arm to have been at the Auburn game last weekend. Hell, I would’ve given my right arm to have tailgated with my family & friends and attended ANY game this season. Watching it at home & missing out on bein in Athens sucks ass – HDTV or not.
    I can completely see your point, especially when it comes to away games. I’m with you there. But, I can honestly say having to miss home games this year really made me appreciate what a privilege I’ve had to be at UGA games for 30 years. Nothing beats gameday in Athens, not even HDTV and a lazy-boy.
    Just one girl’s opinion though. Thanks for a great blog!
    Go Dawgs!

  • Ally, thanks for that great perspective. Those of us moaning about ticket prices and the hassle of gameday don’t know what we’ve got until we have to give it up.

  • Oh I would so much better be at a game than see it on tv. HD or not. Nothing beats that atmosphere for me. I miss it big time.